How to Be a Successful First Time Home Buyer

With this new home buyer tip list in your hand, you can make buying your first home easier! It’s a seemingly never-ending process with multiple steps, but once you know what those steps are and what comes next, it won’t seem so daunting.

  1. Before your start looking, assess your personal finances. Know what you can and cannot afford in a new home. Your expected housing expense monthly should be close to 30% of your income, so be realistic.
  2. Go to your mortgage lender, and get preapproved for your loan. This will save you time and heartache because you’ll know what size of house to look for, in what price range. 
  3. Save diligently for your down payment. Your mortgage lender will be checking your bank account to make sure you have adequate savings for the down payment, closing costs and mortgage.
  4. Check with your lender to find out if you qualify for any of the government programs for first time home buyer assistance.
  5. Gather all of your financial documents together (as if you are doing your taxes) because you’ll need these to secure your loan.
  6. Be patient! Pinpoint your search to neighborhood that match your lifestyle needs. Lean on your real estate agent for help.

Reduce your stress by doing as much research as you can into buying a home ahead of time, and following all the advice of your agent. 

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